Family Physicians Assistant

The application has the following working modules. Some modules , sub-modules or parts thereof may be optionally available.

> Reception/dispensing: Patients are added or deleted to today's OPD. Medicine dispensing is done as per Doctor's dispensing orders.
> Doctor's Desk: Today's OPD is displayed in a grid. Case Paper is prepared for selected patient. This may include medicines to be dispensed from dispensary.
> Patients Database: Maintenance of patients database. Optionally, relationships can be defined between patients and family head can be defined.
> Medicine Stock maintenance module: medicine master, manufacturers, stockists masters. Order preparation, receipt of goods, stock position.

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> Reception/dispensing
Starts with Grid Showing a list of today's OPD patients. A button is provided to ADD a patient to today's OPD. Another button to Remove/DELETE a patient wrongly added to today's OPD list if case paper is not prepared.

Dispensing button shows the medicines to be dispensed for a selected patient, as per Doctor's Case Paper. Medicines are then clicked to select for dispensing.

Quantity can be changed from default.

If medicine stock module is included, the medicines are deducted from stock at this point and the current stock is updated.

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> Doctor's Desk
Prepare case paper for selected patient. This includes medicines to be acquired from outside (prescription) and those to be issued from the dispensary (dispensing).

Doctor can easily watch the status of various patients in today's OPD - which patients are in waiting, which have been examined & case paper prepared, and for whom the dispensing has been done.

Fees may be entered here and payments details too.

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> Patients Database
Patient details are entered once only. They can be linked on relationship and family heads can be defined. Outstanding can be generated based on these family heads or individual patients.

> Medicine Stock maintenance module
Medicine manufacturers database.
Stockists Database
Medicine Group/sub group master

Medicine master. specifies the manufacturer, stockist, alternate stockist, reorder levels, order quantities.

Order preparation. It can be done on various parameters. It can be set up to generate an order including all medicines below re-order levels, generating order letters to concerned stockists, using default order quantities.

Receipt of goods. Medicines are received into stock as per orders placed. Details like expiry date, lot no etc are entered.
Current stock position can be viewed at any given point in time.

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